Welcome to Rhode Island Central Service

1005 Waterman Avenue, East Providence, 02914  
Fax – (401)438-8826
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday – 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

 We Are The Voice Of Hope

 Provides help and information for anyone seeking help with a drinking problem or needing general knowledge about AA-both during normal office hours or via 24/7 Answering service.

But That’s Not All We Do……

 12th-Step Work: Your Central Service office  maintains a confidential 12-step list of AA’s willing to make 12th-step calls. When our office receives a call for help, we contact someone on our list, as close to the caller’s location as possible, to make the 12th-step call. We also maintain a list of AA’s willing to share their experience, strength and hope at the state-run DUI program. Central Service is also responsible for booking commitments for Roger Williams Hospital Detox and Dual Diagnosis Units.

Literature: Your Central Service office stocks a large assortment of A.A. conference-approved and AA Grapevine literature, as well as medallions, anniversary cards, bumper stickers and a limited selection of non-conference approved literature on hand. These items can be purchased by groups, individuals or non-affiliated organizations

Meeting Schedules: Two or three times annually, your Central Service office updates and publishes new meeting schedules. These are available for sale  along with Massachusetts and Connecticut meeting lists.

Newsletter: Your Central Service office publishes a monthly newsletter called the today. It contains information pertaining to schedule changes, group anniversaries, special events, and service opportunities. It is a vital source of communication between groups.

Social Events: Your Central Service office sponsors several social events each year. In the past we have hosted activities such as the Annual Golf Scramble, Annual Gratitude Breakfasts, “Bills Friends” at PPAC, and Sober Day Trips. Although, these are fund-raising events, the primary purpose of these events is to provide AA’s the opportunity to enjoy fellowship and participate in “sober fun”.

Audio Library: Your Central Service office maintains a well-stocked lending library of CD’s including AA speakers, conventions, and Big Book Studies. This is a valuable resource for AA’s who are homebound due to illness or infirmity, those who are traveling or anyone who may be unable to attend an A.A. meeting. All you need to do is come into the office, pick a few tapes, and sign them out. The process is that simple.

There is Still More….

There is always a variety of important jobs to be done like monthly mailing, assembling newcomer’s packs, taking inventory – the list goes on… Most days the office is a beehive of activity. Then of course, and most importantly, there is the “walk-in” in need of a cup of coffee, some conversation, and a little bit of hope. We’re here.

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