Who Represents Your Group ?



As the elected Central Service Representative of your A.A. Group, you are key to the UNITY of A.A. in this area. Bill W. said ‘The strength of our whole A.A. Service Structure starts with the Representatives the Group elects. I cannot emphasize too strongly this importance.”

During your term as Central Service Delegate, you will be attending monthly meetings which at first may seem very confusing to you. However, it has been found that continued attendance at these meetings, combined with study of the various pieces of pertinent literature, will soon clear up this confusion and service will become vital to your A.A. program. We hope that the following information will help you find answers to sorts of the questions that might arise in the beginning of your new A.A. venture.

Central Service Delegates Meeting

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The Group Delegates meet each month on the THIRD WEDNESDAY at 7:00 P.M. As an elected Central Service Delegate, you represent your Group as a voting member of the meeting. It is your responsibility to carry the conscience of your Group to the monthly meetings; therefore, it becomes very important that you attend the monthly meetings where the ”Agenda for the Month” is discussed so that you can talk about these subjects with the members of your Group, thereby having well informed A.A. members in the area.

The purpose of the monthly Delegates’ meeting is to strengthen A.A. as a whole in carrying the A.A. message the best way possible in our own particular area by sharing Group experiences with Delegates from other Groups. Often you find one of them can tell you how his Group solved last  week, a problem facing your Group this week. Communication is a vital part of carrying the A.A. message and the Delegate is the communication link for all members of   You will perform one of your most important functions as a Delegate by taking part in electing new officers of the Steering Committee to the Central Office. During the year, much of your time will be spent in getting the conscience of your Group on subjects pertaining to A.A. in your Area and/or pertaining to your Central Service Office. This can only be done by YOU as the communication link between your Group and the Delegates. An informed Group is vital to the welfare of A.A. as a whole.

YOU again are responsible to inform your Group of the actions taken by the Delegates at each monthly meeting … bringing all information back to your Group members . . . and also bringing any matters that your Group might feel should be brought to the attention of the Delegates.

You are now the direct contact between your Group and Central Service. Your name will be listed as a contact for the Group). You will receive the minutes of each Delegates’ Meeting to share with your Group at business meetings.

  As an Officer of your Group, you probably will be involved in planning the Group’s finances. You should familiarize yourself with the guidelines from New York which suggest a sound division of Group monies to the various entities as laid out in the pamphlet F-3 “Self-Support: Where Money and Spirituality Mix” In working with other Delegates, you will now be a part of building a strong service structure in our

A.A. area. By attending monthly Delegates Meetings, you will learn what other Groups in the area are doing, as well as A.A. world-wide. You will learn more about RI CENTRAL SERVICE OFFICE   and it will be up to you to pass it along to new members of your group (and sometimes the old-timers) the total message consisting of our THREE LEGACIES 1. RECOVERY (Covered by the 12 Steps). 2.UNITY (covered by the 12 Traditions) and 3. SERVICE (outlined in the A. A. Service Manual ·12 Concepts).

Throughout the year, your Central Service through the Delegates, may sponsor various functions, and it is a responsibility of the Delegate to publicize and enlist the Group’s support and attendance. We hope you will become an active and involved Delegate. You now have the opportunity to open the door so that your group can enjoy the benefits of the whole Fellowship.