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May 17th,  2024




Tradition Six, Long Form:


Group Anniversaries

Mon.  May 27th  Somerset, MA- RETREAD– Church of Our Saviour, 2112 County St., (53rd  Anniversary) 7:30 PM

Thur.   May 30th       Providence- YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IRISH– Our Lady of the Rosary Church,71 Traverse St., 7:30PM (35th Anniversary) Guest Speaker & Buffet

Sun.  June 2nd         Portsmouth- PORTSMOUTH SUNDAY MORNING– Common Fence Point Community Center, 933 Anthony Rd., 11AM (52nd Anniversary) Guest Speakers/Continental Breakfast/Raffles

Mon.  June 17th   No Kingstown- DRUNK SQUAD– United Methodist Church, 450 Boston Neck Rd., 7:30 PM  (4th Anniversary)

Mon. June 24th   Coventry-STEPS TO THE SUMMIT-Summit Church, 1176 Victory Hwy., (25th Anniversary) 7:30PM


Charlestown- CHARLESTOWN BEACH MEETING- Open Discussion, Charlestown Beach, 557 Charlestown Beach Rd., 6PM. (from Parking lot turn left look for Rainbow Windsock) 


East Greenwich- FRIDAY WOMEN STUDY THE STEP– will return to a In Person Meeting Only.  St Luke’s Church,99 Peirce St., Open Step, Fridays at 10AM Beginning Friday July 5th

Providence-BREAKFAST WITH BILL-Open Literature- Saturday 7AM is returning to Our Lady Of the Rosary Church, 71 Traverse St., on Saturday May 25th

Providence- YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE IRISH Open Discussion, Thursdays at 7:30PM is moving back to Our Lady Of the Rosary Church, 71 Traverse St., Thursday May 23rd.


Newport- SUPER DUPER SOBER-Open Discussion. St Joseph’s Church, 79-93 Broadway, Fridays at 7PM.  Will not meet Friday , May 24th

Coventry- STEPS TO THE SUMMIT– will meet at Cornerstone Of Faith UMC, 1081 Main St. on Monday, June 10th at 7:30 PM



RI Central Service is always in the process of up-dating our 12-STEP LIST. Anyone willing to be added to the list should contact their Group Secretary or call Central Service. “When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there  and for that I am responsible

The next regular meeting for Central Service Delegates will be held Via Zoom on Wednesday, June 19th, 2024, at 7:00 PM Meeting ID and links will be sent to all registered Central Service Delegates and will also be available on the website

Central Service Delegate Meeting

We need volunteers to help with our monthly mailing – takes less than one hour. The next mailing will take place at Central Service, 1005 Waterman Ave, E. Providence on Wed., May 26th , at 9AM.

AREA 61’s next Area Assembly will be held Saturday June 29th   St. Kevin’s Church, 333 Sandy Lane., Warwick at 9AM. The Area 61 Delegate will give her report back from the 74th Annual General Service Assembly at that time

             District 2/4 will host a Joy Of Service on Sunday August 4th                       Colt State Park, Sites 31 & 32, Bristol. 11AM to 3PM Meeting, Food and Fellowship Followed by Cornhole Tournament. To register for cornhole tournament and other information email

             District 1 will host a “Sober Summer Sizzler” cookout                                                Sunday,  August 18th from 1PM to 5PM at                                  Lincoln Woods State Park, 2 Manchester Print Works Rd., Lincoln.                   Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Soft Drinks will be provided.                    If you wish, bring a dish to share.

So RI Intergroup is always looking for members willing to volunteer to do 12 Step Work. Manning the Office, Answering Phones, Rides, as well as people wanting to become involved in Committee Work. There are several Opportunities for Service Available Contact So RI Intergroup at 401-739-8777 for more information

***Please note the deadline for submitting any information for the next today is Friday, June 21st ,2024



RI Central Service will host a “FELLOWSHIP PICNIC” Saturday, July 13, – 12Noon to 6PM.  At Colt State Park, 114 Hope St, Bristol. Sites 33 & 34. AA Speaker Meeting at 5PM, Tickets will be a $10.00 Donation. We will supply the Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and condiments. Bring your own drinks, your own chair, and a dish to share! Please sign up in advance so we can estimate the food needed.

RI Central Service will sponsor a monthly virtual “OPEN MIC NIGHT NITE” Saturday July 27th – Starting at 8PM.  Zoom Meeting ID: 856 8703 0297 Passcode:891419 Anyone interested in performing or needing more information should contact Austin D Email:

RI Central Service will host our 7th Annual “Sailing to Serenity” Block Island Day Trip Saturday August 10th, 2023, Tickets are $60.00. Tickets include Round Trip Ferry ride, and lunch at the National Hotel’s “Tap and Grill” Restaurant Seats are limited to 70 People- reserve your spot, they will go fast. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AFTER July 28th. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS



Happily, AA’s expenses per capita are very low. To fail to meet them would be to evade a responsibility beneficial to us.

Bill W.


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Tradition Six

Editorial By Bill W. on

Tradition Six May 1948

Each group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the AA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property or prestige divert us from our primary purpose.

The sixth of our Twelve Points of AA Tradition is deemed so important that it states at length the relation of the AA movement to money and property.

This Tradition declares in substance that the accumulation of money, property, and the unwanted personal authority so often generated by material wealth comprise a cluster of serious hazards against which an AA group must ever be on guard.

Tradition Six also enjoins the group never to go into business nor ever to lend the AA name or money credit to any “outside” enterprise, no matter how good. Strongly expressed is the opinion that even clubs should not bear the AA name; that they ought to be separately incorporated and managed by those individual AAs who need or want clubs enough to financially support them.

We would thus divide the spiritual from the material, confine the AA movement to its sole aim, and ensure (however wealthy as individuals we may become) that AA itself shall always remain poor. We dare not risk the distractions of corporate wealth. They have become certainties, absolute verities for us.

Thank God, we AAs have never yet been caught in the kind of religious or political disputes which embroil the world of today. But we ought to face the fact that we have often quarreled violently about money, property, and the administration thereof. Money, in quantity, has always been a baleful influence in group life. Let a well-meaning donor present an AA group with a sizable sum and we break loose. Nor does trouble abate until that group, as such, somehow disposes of its bankroll. This experience is practically universal. “But” say our friends, “isn’t this a confession of weakness? Other organizations do a lot of good with money. Why not AA?”

Of course, we of AA would be the first to say that many a fine enterprise does a lot of good with a lot of money. To these efforts money is usually primary; it is their lifeblood. But money is not the lifeblood of AA. With us, it is very secondary. Even in small quantities, it is scarcely more than a necessary nuisance, something we wish we could do without entirely. Why is that so?

We explain that easily enough; we don’t need money. The core of AA procedure is one alcoholic talking to another, whether that be sitting on a curbstone, in a home, or at a meeting. It’s the message, not the place; it’s the talk, not the alms. That does our work. Just places to meet and talk, that’s about all AA needs. Beyond these, a few small offices, a few secretaries at their desks, a few dollars apiece a year, easily met by voluntary contributions. Trivial indeed, our expenses!

Nowadays, the AA group answers its well-wishers saying: “Our expenses are trifling. As good earners, we can easily pay them. As we neither need nor want money, why risk its hazards? We’d rather stay poor. Thanks just the same!


Copyright © The A.A. Grapevine, Inc., May 1948


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