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December 17th, 2021 

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Tradition One – Long form

 Each member of Alcoholics Anonymous is but a small part of a great whole. A.A. must continue to live or most of us will surely die. Hence our common welfare comes first. But individual welfare follows close afterward


Somerset, MA- RETREAD– Open Speaker, Church Of Our Savior, 2112 County St., Mondays at 7PM

Pawtucket- TRIANGLE-Open Speaker, Smithfield Congregational Church, 514 Smithfield Ave., Fridays at 7PM. Starting Jan 7th,2022

Blackstone, MA- First Step to Serenity– O Discussion, St. Paul’s Church, 48 St. Paul St., Friday at 6PM. Starting Jan 7th,2022


Providence– MUSTARD SEED- Will not meet.at First Unitarian, Church 1 Benevolent Church, at 12 :15PM on Wednesday, December 29th

Providence– Agape- Will not meet.at First Unitarian, Church 1 Benevolent Church, at 12 :15PM on Friday, December 31st.


CHRISTMAS ALKATHONS –  Fri.  Dec.24th & Sat. Dec 25th

Narragansett-hosted by OCEAN VIEW & JUST FOR TODAY groups will host a Christmas Alkathon   Anchor Christian Fellowship, 32 Avice St., Fri.  Dec.24th Christmas Eve -6PM till 12 midnight. Sat. Dec 25th Christmas Day- 10AM till 8PM. Bring a dish if you wish   

Warwick- So. R.I. Intergroup will host a Christmas Alkathon Sat. Dec.25th at Pilgram Lutheran Church, 1817 Warwick Ave., 9AM till 6PM.  If you would like to help, call SRI at 401-739-8777 

District One will host a Christmas Day Alkathon Saturday Dec.25th at All Saints Church, 323 Rathbun St., Woonsocket Meetings every hour. Food and Raffle Donations gladly accepted 

Providence- DAY AT A TIME group will meet on Christmas Day, Salvation Army, 201 Pitman St. 10AM

Johnston- SOBER LIFE– St Bellarmine Ch., 1804 Atwood Ave will hold meeting on Fri.  Dec.24th Christmas Eve at 8PM

District 7 will host a Virtual Christmas Alkathon, Friday, Dec 24th 5PM till 11PM. Meeting every hour on the hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 912 640 0169 Passcode: Area61      

**************************************************************************NEW YEARS ALKATHONS – Fri., Dec.31st & Sat., Jan 1st ,2022

Narragansett-hosted by OCEAN VIEW & JUST FOR TODAY groups will host a  New Year’s Alkathon. Anchor Christian Fellowship, 32 Avice St., Fri.  Dec.31st New Year’s Eve -6PM till 12 midnight. Sat. Jan 1st, New Year’s Day– 10AM till 8PM. Bring a dish if you wish 

East Providence- Districts 2 and 4 will host a New Year’s Alkathon. Riverside Congregational Church, 15 Oak Ave.  Fri., Dec.31st New Year’s Eve -6PM till Sat. Jan 1st, New Year’s Day at 6PM. 1 ½ Hours Meetings with break. Contributions of monies, books, & food would be appreciated. Volunteers needed. Anyone interested in getting involved call Kevin 402-545-1777

Westerly /Pawcatuck Groups- will host 26th Annual New Year’s Eve Alkathon.  Fri Dec.31st New Year’s Eve till 12:01 AM New Year’s Day. Sat. Jan 1st, New Year’s Day   breakfast will be served at 7AM with Meeting to follow until 11 AM Westerly Senior Center, 39 State St., Westerly. Contributions are needed.   Mail any contributions to: 26th NYEA, 20 Elm St, Westerly, RI 02891

Middletown-District 5 will host a New Year’s Eve Alkathon at the Y.A.N.A Club, 770 Aquidneck Ave., 6PM till Midnight. Donations of food are welcome. 

Providence- DAY AT A TIME group will meet on New Year’s Day, Salvation Army, 201 Pitman St. 10AM

JohnstonSOBER LIFE– St Bellarmine Ch., 1804 Atwood Ave will hold meeting on Fri.  Dec.31st New Year’s Eve at 8PM

District 7 will host a Virtual New Year’s Eve  Alkathon, Friday, Dec 31st 6PM till Midnight. Meeting every hour on the hour. Zoom Meeting ID: 912 640 0169 Passcode: Area61




RI Central Service is in the process of up-dating our 12-STEP LIST. Anyone willing to be added to the list should contact their Group Secretary or call Central Service. “When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there and for that I am responsible”

The next regular meeting for Central Service Delegates meeting will be held  In a new location  At Haven Methodist Church, 200 Taunton Ave, East Providence (Parking off Alice St)on Wednesday January 19th, 2021, at 7:00 PM New Delegates arrive at 6:45PMThis meeting will also be Hybrid  Click Here:Meeting ID and links 

We need volunteers to help with our monthly mailing – takes less than one hour. The next mailing will take place at Central Service, 1005 Waterman Ave, E. Providence on Wednesday, January 26th, at 9AM.

Please note the deadline for submitting any information for the next today is Friday, January 21st , 2021 

The next meeting for Southern R.I. Intergroup Representatives will be held Via Zoom on Thursday, January 6th , 2021, Regular Meeting 7 PM.

The next Area 61 Assembly will be held on Saturday, January 22nd ,2022at St. Kevin Church, 333 Sandy Lane Warick at 9AMthis meeting will be held as a Hy-Brid Meeting and ID numbers and access codes can be found on www.aainri.com There are all kinds of service opportunities available. Come get involved 



                             RI Central Service will sponsor a monthly virtual                                                            “OPEN MIC NIGHT NITE”                                                                          Saturday  January 15th   Starting at  8PM                                Zoom Meeting ID: 856 8703 0297      Passcode:891419              Anyone interested in performing or needing more information  should   contact Austin D Email: 1wholestep@gmail.com

RI Central Service will sponsor Bills Friends Night at PPAC” “The Prom”, a Broadway musical /comedy on Sunday, March 13th at 6:30PMTickets can be purchased through RI Central Service office for $41.50 per person.  Please Check out our website or call the office for more information and fliers

The RI Central Service Office has a launched a new and improved website. We ask that you please review your groups listing and call us with any changes that need to be made. We also ask all groups to keep us informed of group changes as they happen so that we can maintain the most up-to-date information for our members. We never want to send a newcomer to an empty hall or a dark zoom room. Thank you for your participation.

RI Central Service is maintaining a list of In-Person Meetings in RI and So. Massachusetts We currently have over 400 In Person meetings open with changes/ updates coming in on a daily basis. If you would like to obtain a copy, please stop by to pick one up. You can also call or email the office and we will be happy to send it to you via email or snail mail.


Honesty with ourselves and others is what gets us sober, but it is tolerance that keeps us that way.                   Bill W.


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Tradition One

The first of a new series of articles explaining The Twelve Traditions . . . – Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity.

The magnificent unity of Alcoholics Anonymous is the most cherished quality our society has. Our lives, the lives of all to come, depend squarely upon it. We stay whole, or AA dies. Without unity, the great heart of AA would cease to beat, our world arteries would no longer carry the life-giving grace of God, his gift to us would be spent aimlessly. Back again in their caves, alcoholics would reproach us and say, “What a great thing AA might have been!”

“Does this mean,” some will anxiously ask, “that in AA the individual doesn’t count for much? Is he to be dominated by his group and swallowed up in it?”

We may certainly answer this question with a loud “No!” We believe there isn’t a fellowship on earth which lavishes more devoted care upon its individual members; surely there is none which more jealously guards the individual’s right to think, talk, and act as he wishes. No AA can compel another to do anything; nobody can be punished or expelled. Our Twelve Steps to recovery are suggestions; the Twelve Traditions which guarantee AA’s unity contain not a single “Don’t.” They repeatedly say “We ought. . .” but never “You must!”

To many minds all this liberty for the individual spells sheer anarchy. Every newcomer, every friend who looks at AA for the first time is vastly puzzled. They see liberty verging on license, yet they recognize at once that AA has an Irresistible strength of purpose and action, “How, “they ask, “can such a crowd of anarchists function at all? How can they possibly place their common welfare first? What, in Heaven’s name, holds them together?”

Those who look well soon have the key to this strange paradox. The AA member has to conform to the principles of recovery. His life actually depends upon obedience to spiritual principles. If he deviates too far, the penalty is sure and swift; he sickens and dies. At first he goes along because he must, but later he discovers a way of life he really wants to live. Moreover, he finds he cannot keep this priceless gift unless he gives it away. Neither he nor anybody else can survive unless he carries the AA message. Realization dawns that he is but a small part of a great whole; that no personal sacrifice is too great for preservation of the fellowship. He learns that the clamor of desires and ambitions within him must be silenced whenever these could damage the group. The moment this Twelfth Step work forms a group, another discovery is made–that most individuals cannot recover unless there is a group. It becomes plain that the group must survive or the individual will not.

So at the outset, how best to live and work together as groups became the prime question. In the world about us we saw personalities destroying whole peoples. The struggle for wealth, power, and prestige was tearing humanity apart as never before. If strong people were stalemated in the search for peace and harmony, what was to become of our erratic band of alcoholics? As we had once struggled and prayed for individual recovery, just so earnestly did we commence to quest for the principles through which AA itself might survive. On thousands of anvils of heartbreaking experience, the structure of our society was hammered out.

Countless times, in as many cities and hamlets, we re-enacted the story of Eddie Rickenbacker and his courageous company. Like us, they had suddenly found themselves saved from death, but still floating upon a perilous sea. How well they saw that their common welfare came first. None might become selfish of water or bread. Each needed to consider the others and in abiding faith they knew that they must find their real strength. And this they did find, in measure to transcend all the defects of their frail craft, every test of uncertainty, pain, fear, and despair, and even the death of one.

Thus has it been with AA. By faith and by works we have been able to build upon the lessons of an incredible experience. These live today in the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous, which–God willing–shall sustain us in unity for so long as he may need us. By Bill W

Reprinted from Grapevine April 1952

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