Group and Individual Service Needs

There are always ways that each individual or group who wishes to participate in the 12th Step of Alcoholics Anonymous can lend a hand.

Here is a listing of some of the opportunities which are listed with

Bridging the Gap List – Would you be willing to take someone who is getting out of a Correctional facility to their first meeting, as they get released?
The chance of a successful transition and staying sober is greatly increased, if the person goes to a meeting  the same day as they are released. Help them Bridge the Gap by giving them a ride to a meeting.

Area 61 Treatment Committee – This Committee staffs commitments for all facilities in Rhode Island who request incoming commitments.

Central Service Treatment Committee – This committee staffs commitments for Roger Williams Hospital Detox and Dual Diagnosis units.

Central Service Audio Committee – This committee is in the process of conversion of many cassette tapes which have been received by Central Service.  This commitment of service takes place at the office during business hours.

Accessibilities Needs Committee – The Special Needs Committee identifies special needs in our area in order to develop and offer resources to AAs with special needs and to AA groups so that the AA message is accessible to anyone who reaches out for it.”

12th Step Phone Referral List – Central Service maintains a list of people in all areas who are willing to take referrals to assist individuals who have called in and need someone to talk to.  Central Service will then match this person with a willing volunteer from our 12th Step list.

If you have any interest in any of the above opportunities, please click the link for further information of who to contact to get involved.  Your willingness and experience is needed to help us assist others who still suffer.