Service Directory

Service Directory
Service Organization Office Trusted Servant Contact
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Committee Person for RISC Sean S. 
Committee Person for SRII Roger B.
Webmaster Sue C.
Rhode Island Central Services
Rhode Island Central Services Office Manager Sue C.
Chairperson Cindy B.
Vice Chairperson Lori A.
Recording Secretary Lisa L.
Treasurer Nancy W.
Assistant Treasurer Lisa I.
Treatment  Committee Chair Terri F.
Audio Committee Chair Denise R.
 Area 61 (Rhode Island) Assembly Committees   
Area 61 Delegate Ken D.
Alternate Delegate Mary K.
Chairperson Steve L.

Jeff N.
Treasurer Paul B.
Registrar Jill L.
  Archives Chair Patrick K.
Archivist Ted D.
 Convention Convention Chair John H.
Convention Registrar Beverly K.

 Cooperation with Professional Community / Public Information Chair Cindy A.
Alternate Keith R.
 Corrections Chair Mary S. 
Alternate Greg M.

Bridging The Gap Coordinator Pride I.

 Finance Chair Paul B.
 Grapevine Chair Tim P.
Rhode Island State Conference of Young People in AA Chair Penny L.
Registrar Nancy F.
Treatment Committee/Special Needs and Accessibilities  Chair Jeff W.
 Alternate John D.
Bridging the Gap Coordinator Ian B.
Special Needs & Accessibilities Coordinator Vacant
 Area 61 (Rhode Island) District Committee Persons and Alternates   
District 1 Committee Member Mary K. 

Alternate Committee Member Brian S. 

District 2 Committee Member Vacant
Alternate Committee Member Gail A.

District 3


Committee Member Bob L. 

Alternate Committee Member

District 4 Committee Member Gary D.
Alternate Committee Member Danna F.

District 5 Committee Member Kenneth K. 

Alternate Committee Member

Dave C.
District 6 Committee Member Vacant

Alternate Committee Member

Carl D.
District 7 Committee Member Tricia I.

Alternate Committee Member

Nancy H.
District 8 Committee Member Vacant

Alternate Committee Member