SRI Service Needs

S.R.I. Intergroup Needs Volunteers


Intergroup’s mission is to carry the message of hope to the alcoholic who still suffers.  We do this with a volunteer staff of Telephone Help Line Workers and 12th Step Workers.



Telephone Volunteers 



The Intergroup Phone Volunteer works in our office on Post Road in Warwick for one 2-3 hour shift per week.  An intergroup phone volunteer is motivated to give freely of a few spare hours to give back what he or she has so graciously been given – a chance to lead a productive sober life.



The volunteer has two main duties:  to answer our help line; and to sell literature to group members who visit the office for that purpose.


The help line connects the suffering alcoholic with a sober Intergroup Volunteer who is trained to answer questions and initiate a Step Call by contacting one of our Step Workers if it becomes necessary.  Our volunteers all have experienced the ‘good feeling’ that comes from helping someone get started on a new way of life.


Distributing AA literature (at cost) to our member groups is another way of spreading the message.  It requires no special skill and is very easy to learn.  For those with minimal computer skill the task is even easier.  You will be fully trained before you begin.


You must have 90 days of sobriety and embrace the suggestions of the AA program of recovery to become an Intergroup Volunteer. 


Click HERE to view our current openings.


To volunteer download, fill in, print and mail in the Intergroup Telephone Volunteer Application.



12th Step Volunteers



 The 12th Step Volunteer provides direct, hands on support to the Alcoholic who still suffers.  They are men and women who want to carry the message and give away what they themselves have received.  They are to be congratulated.


We realize that not everyone is ready for this type of work making it even more important that we maintain a list of willing volunteers that we can call on in times of need.


Intergroup has historically reached 5 – 10 suffering alcoholics each month.  They call our office and our phone volunteers record their name, phone number, city and a general description of their present condition.  Once that is accomplished, the phone volunteer uses our 12th Step Volunteer list to find a contact (it could be you!) to help the suffering person.  Most 12th Step calls require only that you share your experience, strength and hope with the caller.  This is often enough to attract them to AA.  Many members of Rhode Island’s AA Groups came into the program in this way.


You can specify where and when you can help.  Let us know what counties or cities you can cover and what times of day you are available.  We will respect your wishes in every case.  Just a few hours, a few days a week, in a single city can be a BIG help to us.  You might be the only one covering a critical “spot” in our program.



To volunteer:   

Download, fill out and mail in the Intergroup 12th Step Volunteer Application to:


Volunteer Coordinator
S.R.I. Intergroup
2845 Post Road
Warwick, RI  02886