Special Needs Committee

    Last Updated 4/27/2011 
Position Trusted Servant Contact
Chair Ellie P. Area61SpecialNeedsChair@RhodeIsland-AA.org
Alternate Chair Judith W.  
Coordinator of Handicap Accessibility Issues Kathy L. Area61HACoordinator@RhodeIsland-AA.org
Homebound Coordinator Dave V. Area61Homebound@RhodeIsland-AA.org

Mission Statement

The Special Needs Committee identifies special needs in our area in order to develop and offer resources to AAs with special needs and to AA groups so that the AA message is accessible to anyone who reaches out for it.  The Special Needs Committee hopes to help all AA members understand better how to carry the message to those members with special needs. We define AAs with special needs as persons who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, developmentally disabled, with limited reading ability, wheel chair users, homebound or ill (either chronically or temporarily), or residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities with limited ability to get to a meeting.  Respect for the dignity of others is the foundation of all our efforts to carry the message to the alcoholic with special needs.


Currently, the Special Needs Committee is focused on:

  • Serving the homebound and the elderly within our A.A. Community
  • Updating the handicap accessibility information within our meeting schedule book


Click here for the date and location of this committee's monthly meeting.


Is your group truly handicapped accessible?  Do you have handicapped accessible bathrooms, wheelchair ramps and other accommodations?


Click here for more information on What makes a meeting space handicap accessible?

Click here if you would like to volunteer to take a meeting into hospitals, nursing homes, or assisted living facilities

The Special Needs Committee is in the process of updating this information for the meetings in all the districts of Area #61.  Please contact: Please contact: Kathy L, Coordinator of Handicap Accessibility Issues at Area61HACoordinator@RhodeIsland-AA.org to update your information or if you have additional questions.