Rhode Island Area 61

Area #61        

Rhode Island
PO Box #9342
Providence, RI 02904


Rhode Island, Area 61’s main purpose is to support the General Service Conference structure.  The General Service Conference meets once a year. It provides a link between the groups throughout the U.S. and Canada and the trustees who serve as custodians of AA tradition and interpreters of policies affecting the fellowship as a whole.

 The districts, that make up Area 61, meet once a month. The General Service Representatives (GSRs) meet and share information about their groups and hear what’s going on at the committees.  The whole Area meets quarterly at the Area Assembly. Here, policy is set for the area as a whole, and budgets are set for each of the committees in October.  The pre-conference assembly, held annually in April, prepares our Delegate, with our Area’s group conscience, to attend the General Service Conference.

Area 61 also provides service and support to all groups throughout the area and is responsible for funding and staffing, ( with volunteers ) the committees for the Area.


Area #61 Location: 3649 Post Road Warwick, RI  02886


Area 61 map provided here to assist you to find your District