Area 61 Finance Committee

    Updated 1/10/2012
Position Trusted Servant Contact
Chair: Stephanie R.

Who worries about the expenses? Who tracks our group donations?

The Finance Committee.

This is a small select group – one volunteer from each district, chaired by the Area Treasurer.

Its incredible watching the Chair person and the committee in action. Telling another member they are over budget; writing a check with a smile; reducing someone's budget serenely. All of the day to day challenges of sobriety come into play here. Its great just to watch the Treasurer and the committee members performing soberly.

Practically speaking how does this work. This committee is a small group consisting of the delegate, alternate delegate, and the area chair. It is chaired by the area treasurer and has volunteers who oversee the expenses. The volunteers serve alternating terms of two years and are people with a service background. The committee tries to get volunteers from different sections of the state to represent the variety of thinking throughout the whole state. If one is a volunteer for this committee they are not allowed to be a voting member of the assembly. Although the officers and these volunteers are the only voting members of the committee all are welcomed.

Click here for the date and location of this committee's monthly meeting.

How to become a member of the Finance Committee
Contacting the Chair usually gets the ball rolling but appearing at the next committee meeting (above) provides an excellent opportunity to refine your interest.