Area 61 Corrections Committee

Position Trusted Servant Contact
Chair: Mary S.
Alternate Chair: Greg M.

Bridging the Gap Coordinator Pride I.



Corrections sees that the AA message is carried to those in prison, many of whom have problems with alcohol and are seeking help from us.

There is a special procedure for all visitors to Correction Facilities. Correction Committee members assist this process and also put on meetings inside the walls of the correctional institutions in Rhode Island for women, men and juveniles.

Committee members collect conference approved literature (the Books Behind Bars program) donated by individuals and groups for use by the inmates which is another way members help these inmates.

The document "Guidelines for Corrections" is published in New York; is very powerful and is recommended reading.

There is also a need for individuals who would be willing to assist in the Bridging the Gap program.  To join those who perform this valuable service click here.

If you would like to sign up a group of individuals for this vital service, please click here for the group sign up form and bring it to the next meeting.

Click here for the date and location of this committee's monthly meeting.

How to become a member of the Corrections Committee

Contacting the Chair usually gets the ball rolling but appearing at the next committee meeting (above) provides an excellent opportunity to refine your interest.

Gaining entrance to a correctional facility

As an effort to assist people in serving at the correctional facilities, we have posted the information form required.

Times for meetings at the ACI

Forms for entrance to the ACI  Adult Corrections Institution and RIDOC-Intern/Volunteer Service Application

Forms for  RENEWAL of  your clearance status to ACI Adult Correctional Renewal Form

Form for entrance to Wyatt Detention Facility

Please download the form noted above for the facility you wish to visit and return it to:

    Area 61 Corrections Committee
    3649 Post Rd.
    Warwick , RI  02886

Once clearance has been obtained you will be notified. 




General Description: 

There is a critical need for male & female volunteers to bring meetings into Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls. We are down to a handful of cleared & trained volunteers and it is very likely that over the next few weeks there will be open meetings.  Meetings take place on Tuesday evenings at 8PM.   The men have a meeting every week and the women meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays.  On average, men’s meetings have 8 to 12 detainees and women’s meetings have 0 to 3 detainees.  


Wyatt is located at 950 High Street, Central Falls, RI  02863.  It is 14 miles/23 minutes north from the ACI.  To determine distance from your home or group, enter the address into MapQuest or a similar site. 

Requirements for Wyatt volunteers:

1) Complete the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility Standard Volunteer Application Form (5 pages).  The form can be printed from the Corrections Committee section of the Rhode Island AA website (  Mail completed form to  Area 61, Attn: Corrections Committee, PO Box 9342, Providence, RI 02940

2) Attend a 3 hour orientation & training session facilitated by Wyatt staff.  Training usually takes place on a weekday morning.

3) Get a photo taken as part of the clearance process.

4) After you are cleared, trained and photographed………start going in to hold AA meetings.  It is best for scheduling purposes if volunteers can commit to at least one Tuesday per month.  New volunteers will be paired up with seasoned volunteers.

To Contact the Corrections Committee, call the answering service for the Area 61 Offices:

1-888-378-6561, press #5 for Corrections or send an email to